Smart Ways To Use Trello To Remain Highly Productive On The Go

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how I have been using Trello to remain organised when it comes to work. That led to plenty of questions from the digital nomad community and startups on how exactly can they make use of this brilliant tool to coordinate with their teams, align themselves with deadlines and more. So I decided to share some smart ways in which you can experiment using Trello to remain highly productive, on the go!

The everyday hustle board 

There are a million things that you want to do and then there are a few thousands of them that you want to achieve in a week. But when it comes to one day, you need to be more than just realistic in setting deadlines for yourself. That’s where this type of board comes in.

List down your daily tasks, then break them down based on how much time each one of them would take. And finally, do have a ‘completed’ list to let the accomplishment kick in!

the hustler board how to use trello

The digital nomad board

Alright, this is by far the most important board for us (second most, maybe?). The thing is, while the world thinks that travelling while working is oh-so-easy, it actually isn’t. You need to plan a lot of things prior to be able to enjoy the place you’re visiting.

Here’s a basic board to manage your vacation and work planning together, without losing out on your productivity.

travel digital nomad productivity

The weekly sprinter board 

One of the things that I have learnt while working with startups is that you need to prioritise your tasks and work. While you have a ‘product’ to make, it is better to start with weekly tasks of what part of the product you’re working on. The same holds true for every other project that you take up as a digital nomad. You break the task down into weekly sprints, that helps you plan better too!

weekly sprints trello board for productivity

The goal digger board 

Want to remain goal driven and on track always? This is another way to use the Trello board to keep your productivity levels up and work towards your end goal. I like to keep this really simple, to be honest.

Since this is your personal task list, you want to list down all the important things you are required to do – even a small little detail like speaking to someone who you’d need in the process of reaching your goal.

In this case, setting up deadlines as well can work wonders. Trello automatically sends you reminders for the task that is due next. So this way, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on something important or can free up time to complete a specific task.

goal digger trello board

Honestly, there are a gazillion ways to make use of Trello and with some of their Power Boosters, the tool actually becomes all the more interactive. For example, if there is a task that needs to repeated on a daily basis, you can actually add a ‘repeater’ to the card and ensure that the reminders come through automatically!

I often need to coordinate with different teams, across different timezones. We like to make use of Trello with Slack, MailChimp and Repeaters. And of course, for more complicated tasks, we have been using other power ups as well.

Setting up your own Trello board 

Whether you’re just starting off or you’re already a digital nomad who has got all their work in check, adding this nifty tool to your kit is only going to be a productivity booster.

You can sign up for an account, here. Do let me know if you like using this nifty tool!

What other tools are you making use of for to manage your day to day tasks, and to accomplish your goals?


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