Why Hustling Is The Only Way To Succeed As A Digital Nomad

I have been working remotely for almost 4 years now and I don’t plan on stepping back into the regular 9 to 5 anytime soon. The reason isn’t that I’ve already reached the point of success I want to; but I can see myself inching closer to it. While others would call me a workaholic at this point and even crazy at times to always say ‘I’m busy working’, here’s the thing – Hustle is actually the key to success.

So while you’re going to sit back and relax on the weekend after a long week, I might just be putting in some extra hours to get ahead of my tasks or learn something new. Because work – that’s how you get everything you wished for.

Here’s why hustle is the only way for digital nomads to succeed

1. You’ll set yourself apart from the rest   

Let’s face it, there are freelancers all over the world. Every time you blink your eyes, you’re going to find another hundred added to the list of freelancers – no matter what niche or industry you’re in. Simply put, it’s becoming more and more easy to find a replacement for any skill. When businesses and brands have access to such a vast pool of global talent, they’re not going to hold back from experimenting or going with someone who they feel ‘might’ do a better job than you.

That’s where it becomes more about 100% vs 150% that you put in.

Now you could work with them on the set of tasks that have been assigned to you. Or you could proactively start contributing to their ideas, becoming a bigger part of what they’re doing. Of course, it isn’t going to pay you immediately; but once they see how much of an effort you’re putting in, they start to accept you as a core team member!

be so good that they can't ignore you

Let’s just say, when you work double of what you’re capable of, you give the impression of someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make something work. And that’s who people want to work with!

2. You attract the right people 

Those who work with me and those who have previously networked with me, know that I’m a firm believer of the fact that your vibe is what attracts your tribe.

When you’re hustling, you’re focused on achieving your goals more than anything else around you. So while there are others stepping out to party over the weekend, you actually choose to sit back and plan out your next move. But here’s the thing – those who are partying aren’t necessarily your tribe. There are those who’d make the choice as you.

If someone’s really working towards their goal, anyone can see it, feel it and of course, hear it. You see them as one unit – the goal and the person.

That’s what gets you to the right people or vice versa.

When you’re a hustler, you attract those who are driven by goals as well!

Yes, you might come across those who just want to hang out with you for a while, start an unhealthy competition or in general, try to pull you down as well. But look at the bigger picture – see how people are proactively wanting to network with you.

And like I always say it – in the end, it’s all about networking.

3. You’ll overcome obstacles faster 

Hustlers aren’t always problem solvers. They’re people who decided to give it their best shot, irrespective of whether they’ll fail or succeed. It’s an attitude that becomes a part of your personality and that’s what leads you to overcoming obstacles faster.

So while someone would be sitting and thinking about how they failed at achieving a set goal, a hustler would actually start working towards it again. Because they know that nothing comes easy and the only way to get back up, is to be as persistent as that spider who never gave up!

hustle is the only way - get shit done

When you’re hustling, the distraction of being ‘let down’ or ‘disappointed’, fade away. You’re working towards something and the reward lies in the work itself, and there’s practically nothing else that matters at that point.

After all, the perfect time to start anything, is NOW – even if you know there going to be a thousand roadblocks; learn how to track if the need be.

4. You’ll go beyond your goals and create a legacy 

No, I’m not day dreaming or being someone who is over hyped about succeeding. I’m just stating the simple difference between people who choose to sleepwalk through life by taking a path that’s comfortable for them and people who are willing to take the road less travelled.

Hustlers are made different. They are not people who will look at something and be satisfied with how they are. They’d rather look at it, analyse and see things for how they should be instead. That’s exactly what helps them reach what others call ‘impossible’.

While you’re working on your goals relentlessly, you won’t even realise how you’re actually creating a legacy. When you’re doing something with all your attention and love, it will lead you to a bigger stage. That little ‘passion’ or drive that you’d been only talking about, will become the reason for your success!

5. You’ll always see the bigger picture 

Another trait that comes into a hustler, is being able to see the bigger picture at all times. No matter at what stage your life is, you’re trained to identify opportunities and plan on how you can leverage them. It doesn’t just help you professionally; but also, personally.

As you grow up, hustling helps you keep your head clear. It takes you away from all the negativity around you, trains you how to focus on what’s good for you and those you love, and teach you how to keep working at something you have always wished for.

The bigger picture. That’s what us hustlers look for. That’s what we always work for.

hustling for digital nomad success 2

Are you a hustler? 

If you’re passionate about something and want to make it a part of your life, without compromising on your lifestyle, get ready to hustle. Because passion waits for no one!

Be it the smallest of idea that you’d want to work on, give it your best shot and don’t think about failing. Failing is a part of the hustle and not every digital nomad out there, ‘got lucky’. They worked towards it, is how they got where they are.

Yes, even the one that you’re closely following on Instagram and wishing you could travel as much!

But always remember..

Hustle and heart, is what’ll set you apart!  


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Monika Bhargava says:

    Boss girl. You are an inspiration. Beautifully worded. Simple and so relatable

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Learning from you. 🙂


  2. jennyrose says:

    Love this! So great that you’ve been freelancing for so long, I’m just starting my journey – it’s hard work! Your advice is great.
    jenny x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jenny! So glad you found this handy.
      Even though it’s been a while, I feel I’m still just starting off every time. Hoping to collaborate with you sometime. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the motivational post! Sometimes it can be difficult, but it’s definitely crucial to put in the hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked the post! 🙂
      Yes, it sure is important.


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