Life Of A Digital Nomad: Five Perks Of Working From Anywhere, Everywhere

If you are anything like me, you are a free-spirit at heart who has a penchant for discovering new places, trying out new cuisines, learning about different cultures and just enjoying life one moment at a time. If you are anything like me, you are also a digital nomad who loves her job and loves to cash those fat paychecks every month.

I am not going to lie. One of the perks of being a content marketer and a full-time writer is that I can work from anywhere, everywhere! I have been working for the last five years. I work for multiple businesses in both full-time and freelance capacities, and I get to learn a lot too.

But the one thing I always have the liberty to do is to pick up my laptop and hop on a flight to spend the weekend in a new, exotic location. In fact, 29% of digital nomads are marketers who fall in the age bracket of 26-30 years.

In a profession that thrives on creativity and strategic thinking, a change of place does wonders – I tell you! The nomadic shift in work-life culture is inevitable, and I’ll share five reasons why:

Five perks of being a digital nomad

1) Work more, earn more

As a digital nomad, I have the liberty to work with multiple brands simultaneously which means my earnings automatically get a boost. I can fit in numerous meetings in a day, write a lot of emails to set things in motion, coordinate with people across different time-zones and still meet deadlines (well, most of the time) – all under 12 hours.

Trust me – this is even possible if you have a full-time job. All you have to do is ensure you are free early mornings or are ready to work till late at nights to optimize your work life to the maximum. Sacrifice your sleep a little to do more work and earn more. The results will be spectacular.

2) Create your schedule

Absolutely! I sleep well. I make time for gym from Monday to Friday. I spend quality time with family, even fly to different cities to be with them on the weekends. I run errands. And complete my daily chores by 11 am every weekday before I hit work.

From noon till midnight, I don’t stop. My weekends are free, and I practically do nothing except eat. But this is my schedule. It easily includes all the tasks that I have to complete by Friday. As a virtual worker, you are free to work on a timeline that is most convenient for you and also ensure a proper work-life balance.

3) Work with a global team

I think marketing is a beautiful process and I have been quite lucky to work with the best of the best professionals in my field. A digital nomad never stops networking. She is continually hunting for more projects, talking to industry influencers and Skyping with potential clients from all across the globe.

At least – that’s what I do.

Working with a global team gives an unparalleled exposure. You learn about their culture and work ethics, and you teach them yours. It’s a fun exchange of values and morals and being confined to just one place can’t teach you all that.

4) Break whenever you like

I get creatively exhausted very quickly which means some of my tasks get stuck in the middle because I have no heart to finish them up. The good news is I can break from work whenever I feel sleepy, lethargic or merely bored.

I can take a walk, relax at a coffee shop, meet friends and rejuvenate my mind. I know by the time I return to work, I will be fresh as ever and raring to go. More extended breaks are also possible as long as you have the flexibility not to be physically bound to be at a job somewhere.

5) Travel the whole world

As cliche as it may sound, I want to travel the whole world, and I want to do it by carrying my work with me. So far, I have been to a couple of places where I could easily be on the job. My mornings would go in checking out the local areas and late evenings would be spent holed up in the hotel room with excellent room service, work, and some TV.

It takes smart planning to do it all, have it all. Don’t worry, in the coming posts, I will be doing just that.

Endnotes from this digital nomad

Are you someone who just got interested in working remotely or while on-the-move? Trust me – if you plan your work and finances, the digital nomadic lifestyle can be rather fruitful.

PS. Don’t forget to check out Mac N’ Work’s Instagram page. It’s inspiring!


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